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Eleanore Stallcup

Eleanore Stallcup

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There are a lot of people who aspire that they learn the different strategies on the ways how to improve their brain power. This is because of the belief that an individual having high brain power level will more likely become successful in their chosen endeavours.

With an improved brain power, you can have more opportunities and the chance to work out things well for you increases.

Here are the basic and easy to follow steps on how you can help your brain to improve functioning and at the same time increases your speed in learning things.

Play online games that are mind boosting on top of the traditional and puzzle games that you are already playing, try also the online games. There are many online games that are mind boggling which challenges your mind. Try those IQ tests and other mind challenging questions. With these, you will answer questions with random topics and with increasing difficulty. This will widen your horizon on the other topics that are not related with you. There are also guessing and mind games that will sure exercise your brain in a healthy way. Do not be afraid to challenge your mind because the more that you are thinking, the more that your mind will work.

Choose a healthy diet having a healthy diet will improve your brain power. Maintaining a healthy diet is very important because this provides building blocks for your brain. Remember that our brain is consuming 60g of sugar every hour to function well. Therefore you have to maintain the supply of nutrient for the maximum performance of your brain. Take also the foods that are known to be mind boosters. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits and avoid eating processed foods. Choose those foods that are high in vitamins C, E, B6, B9, and B12. Or you can also include supplements in your diet if you want. Thus, if you have enough supply of the nutrients that your brain needs, you will have more chance of having a sharp mind that functions well.

Engage in a daily exercise with a regular exercise, you will be fit and healthy. Try those workouts that are heart pumping and cardio. Your brain power will increase significantly if your body is active and at the same time you will feel great and alert. Through exercise, you have better mental function because more oxygen is transported to your brain thus widening the arteries. Exercise would also lead to hormonal changes wherein the compartments of the neuron cell will change and eventually changing how the neurotransmission works.

If you follow these basic tips in increasing your brain power, you will attain optimal performance of your brain. You will also have healthy body at the same time. Try changing your lifestyle by avoiding alcohol and those unhealthy foods and having enough rest and sleep. Avoid also stress in your life and always have the positive attitude at all times. Be grateful and focus on the positive things.
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